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Cotta GreenClub – Our sustainability strategy

The three fundamental topics of sustainability – social, ecological, and economic – are inseparably linked with one another for our corporate actions.

We are constantly working on our set targets. This means that we are sure to achieve our short-term, medium-term and long-term sustainability goals.

100% of Cotta products with the GREENCLUB label are produced under the common ecolabels and FSC® standards (FSC®-C112933). This includes the use of sustainable materials such as FSC®-certified wood products, partially recycled packaging materials and materials consisting of 100% recycled PET bottles.

Six selected topics are currently particularly relevant to our company, and above all to our GREENCLUB products.

Our production sites work without fossil fuels. The plants are heated with wood scraps and waste debris. The roofs of the south-facing sites are also used to generate supplementary energy with solar panels.

To produce the best products, we don’t just need excellent raw materials. More than anything else, we need healthy and happy employees – we are doing our part with company sports group options, above average social benefits, medical care and fair remuneration.

Further Information on the sustainability strategy of Cotta Collection AG can be found in our current flyer on the subject.